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Slider Former State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson 36th LD
"Roger Goodman is one of the brightest and most thoughtful legislators I Slider State Senator Bob Hasegawa 11th LD
"Roger Goodman is such an effective legislator. He seems to have passed more bills than anyone. Even more important is Roger Slider State Representative Eric Pettigrew 37th LD
"I love Roger as a person and as a legislator. As the Democratic Caucus Chair, I see how effective Roger is behind the scenes in getting things done. He really cares about kids and families, and we need him in the legislature!"
Slider State Representative Ruth Kagi 32nd LD
"Roger is clearly one of the most effective legislators in Olympia. His leadership in Early Learning has changed the policy landscape. We need Roger now as a champion for children in the legislature."
Slider State Representative Luis Moscoso 1st LD
"When I first arrived in the state legislature, Roger was more helpful and welcoming than anyone. He helped me feel like I could make a difference, which is why I went to Olympia. I have seen Roger succeed not only from the effort he has put into our work, but also in furthering our values."
Slider Former State Representative Al O’Brien 1st LD
“Roger Goodman thoroughly understands the law, which is so important when putting responsible legislation together. In protecting public safety, Roger has accomplished impressive work against domestic violence and reducing drug abuse. He knows the importance and the value of prevention. Roger is smart and hard working, and he’s also a gentleman.”
Slider State Representative Cindy Ryu 32nd LD
"Since I arrived in the legislature I have had many chances to work with Roger Goodman and I have found him to be very responsive and hard working. Roger actually shows up to work. He is very professional in how he handles legislative matters, yet he is also very approachable and a pleasure to work with. More than anything, I have seen Roger do the necessary follow-up, work which makes him an extremely effective legislator."
Home Endorsments 2016

Endorsments 2016


Children’s Campaign Fund
Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS)
Washington State Troopers Association
Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs (COMPAS)
Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
Sierra Club
Humane Voters of Washington
Washington Conservation Voters
Seattle-King County Realtors
Washington Credit Union League
Washington Society of CPAs
Escrow Association of Washington
Kirkland Firefighters
Redmond Firefighters
Bothell Firefighters
Woodinville Firefighters
Washington Fire Chiefs
King County Corrections Guild
Retired Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Coalition (LEOFF)
Washington Education Association (WEA)
Lake Washington Education Association (LWEA)
American Federation of Teachers Washington (AFT)
Washington State Nurses Association
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
Equal Rights Washington (ERW)
Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii
Mental Health PAC (MH-PAC)
Physical Therapy Association of Washington (PTWA)
Washington Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers
Alliance for Gun Responsibility
Washington Housing Alliance
Housing Alliance Action Fund
Washington State Labor Council
Public School Employees of Washington
SEIU 775 (long term care)
SEIU 925 (child care)
SEIU 1199 (nurses)
PTWA – Physical Therapy Association of Washington
Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
Aerospace Machinists 751
UAW Local 4121 (academic student workers at UW)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 77 (IBEW)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 46 (IBEW)
Plumbers and Pipe Fitters 32
Inland Boatmen’s Union of the Pacific
Seattle King County Building and Construction Trades Council and Laborers Local 242
SMART-TD (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union)
Laborers’ Local 440: Street Pavers, Sewer, Watermain & Tunnel Workers
Retired Public Employees of Washington
Washington State School Retirees
Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE)
American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
Washington State Council of County and City Employees
United Transportation Union (UTU/SMART)
Washington Teamsters
Professional and Technical Employees (PTE) Local 17
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Council #5
Laborers Local 242
Laborers Local 440
Martin Luther King County Labor Council
King County Democrats
45th District Democrats
Metropolitan Democratic Club (MDC)

Local Elected Leaders


  • John Marchione, Mayor
  • Hank Margeson, President, City Council
  • Kimberly Allen, Vice President, City Council
  • Angela Birney, City Council
  • Byron Shutz, City Council
  • John Stilin, City Council


  • Tom Odell, City Council
  • Kathy Huckabay, City Council
  • Tom Vance, former Mayor


  • Bernie Talmas, Mayor
  • Paula Waters, City Council
  • James Evans, City Council
  • Susan Boundy-Sanders, City Council
  • Elaine Cook, City Council


  • Amy Ockerlander, City Council
  • Jason Walker, City Council
  • Becky Nixon, City Council
  • Veronika Williams, City Council


  • Amy Walen, Mayor
  • Jay Arnold, Deputy Mayor
  • Dave Asher, City Council
  • Shelly Kloba, City Council
  • Doreen Marchione, City Council
  • Penny Sweet, City Council

Lake Washington Schools

  • Doug Eglington, former Director, School Board
  • Chris Carlson, School Board
  • Eric LaLiberte, School Board

Riverview Schools

  • Carol Van Noy, School Board President
  • Lori Oviatt, School Board


Sunil Aggarwal New York, New York
Ken Albinger Kirkland, Washington
Kim Allen Redmond, Washington
Nancy Amidei Seattle, Washington
Susan Amini Bellevue, Washington
Bill Anderson Woodinville, Washington
Terri Anderson Woodinville, Washington
Nancy Ashley
Dorothy Atkins Kirkland, Washington
Paul Backstrom Kirkland, Washington
Susan Baird-Joshi Kirkland,WA
Beata Baker Sammamish, Washington
Robin Barnes Kirkland, Washington
Greg Bawden Duvall, Washington
Joel Bernstein Arlington, Virginia
Barbara Billinghurst Kirkland, Washington
Dale Birdsell Bothell, Washington
Cheryl Bleakney Seattle, Washington
Richard Brender
Nancy Breslow New York, New York
Bryan Brickner Vandalia, Michigan
Henry Brown Burien, Washington
James Broz Redmond, Washington
Janice Broz Redmond, Washington
Seth Buchanan Lynnwood, Washington
Carolyn Cairns Seattle, Washington
Elizabeth Canning Redmond, Washington
Dee Carrel Sammamish, Washington
Larry Carter Redmond, Washington
Marilyn Cass Kirkland, Washington
Patti Catalano Sammamish, Washington
Martin Chaney Carnation, Washington
Diana Christiansen Woodinville, Washington
Linda Clifton Seattle, Washington
Richard Cole Redmond, Washington
Dominic Corva Seattle, Washington
Judson Crane Woodinville, Washington
Dawn Darington Seattle, Washington
Bill Daugaard Kirkland, Washington
Ken Davidson Kirkland, Washington
John Davis Bellevue, Washington
Julie Devine
J. Donald Dicks Kirkland, Washington
James Doherty Shoreline, Washington
Bryan Dupaul Kirkland, Washington
Maureen Durkan Seattle, Washington
C East Bellevue, Washington
Ezra Eickmeyer Chimacum, Washington
Ronald Ein Seattle, Washington
Brian Esler
Richard Evans Northampton, MA
Clifford Faintych
Ellen Ferguson Seattle, Washington
June Fletcher Kirkland, Washington
Kathleen Forman Woodinville, Washington
Steve Freng Seattle, Washington
Leonard Frieling Denver, Colorado
Nona Ganz Kirkland, Washington
Cami Gearhart Woodinville, Washington
Carey Gersten Seattle, Washington
France Giddings Kirkland, Washington
Mary Anne Gochnour Mill Creek, Washington
Patrick Godfrey Federal Way, Washington
Jim Good Kirkland, Washington
Jordan Goodman Elmsford, NY
Randy Gordon Seattle, Washington
Ralph Gorin Woodinville, Washington
Peter Greenfield Seattle, Washington
Jeffrey Guite Kent, Washington
Thomas Haines New York, New York
Joanne Hall
Ellen Hanley Kirkland, Washington
Rebecca Hansen Bellevue, Washington
Linda Hanson Kirkland, Washington
John Harden Kirkland, Washington
S.R. Hargraves Sammamish, Washington
Dan Hastings Sammamish, Washington
Jodie Hastings Sammamish, Washington
Kiku Hayashi Seattle, Washington
Carolyn Hayek Kirkland, Washington
Peter Hendrickson Redmond, Washington
John Hilke Woodinville, Washington
Jim Hitter Kirkland, Washington
Judith Hjorth Redmond, Washington
Jim Hoerst Woodinville, Washington
Robert Horn Woodinville, Washington
David Horne Redmond, Washington
Lembhard Howell Seattle, Washington
Seth Hubbell Kirkland, Washington
Charles Huffine Seattle, Washington
Beata Jachulski Baker Sammamish, Washington
Lisa Jaffe Hubbell
Catharine Jeter Fircrest, Washington
Anne Johnson Seattle, Washington
Martha Jordan Sammamish, Washington
Gary Kanter Sammamish, Washington
Sue Keller Kirkland, Washington
William Kellogg Kirkland, Washington
Dan Kilpatric Seattle, Washington
James Kimbrough Bellevue, Washington
Evelyn Koblentz Longboat Key, Florida
Richard Kobylka Kirkland, Washington
Jeanne Kohl-Welles Seattle, Washington
Sherry Krainick Bothell, Washington
Jim Kranick Snoqualmie, Washington
Abe Kriger Redmond, Washington
Walter Krueger Kirkland, Washington
Rachel Kurtz Seattle, Washington
Sandra Lake
Joe Lane Redmond, Washington
Jeanne Large Kirkland, Washington
Trent Latta Kirkland, Washington
Louise Leader Seattle, Washington
Sandy Levy Seattle, Washington
Carole Lewis New York, New York
Hannah Lidman Seattle, Washington
Michael Lofstedt Kirkland, Washington
Greg Logan Shoreline, Washington
Matt Loschen Redmond, Washington
Debra Macdonald Woodinville, Washington
Ralph Maimon Seattle, Washington
Eric Main Kirkland, Washington
Jeff Mandell Duvall, Washington
Barbara Manley Redmond, Washington
Doreen Marchione Kirkland, Washington
Hank Margeson Redmond, Washington
Rita Margolies Redmond, Washington
James Martineau Washington
Bonnie McDaniel Kirkland, Washington
Sharon McGavick Tacoma, Washington
Carma McKay Brier, Washington
Megan Gustafson Melloy Kirkland, Washington
Dan Merkle Seattle, Washington
Bert Metzger Seattle, Washington
James Meusey Woodinville, Washington
Stephen Miller Bellevue, Washington
Charles Nadler Denver, Colorado
Fred Newton New York, New York
Priscilla O’Leary Redmond, Washington
Richard Otte Woodinville, Washington
Michael Owen Woodinville, Washington
Neal Philip Seattle, Washington
Glenn Phillips Woodinville, Washington
Mary Lynne Poole Bellevue, Washington
Lincoln Potter Woodinville, Washington
Barbara Pyle Redmond, Washington
Elizabeth Quick Kirkland, Washington
Wendy Rader-Konofalski Kirkland, Washington
Edmund Raftis Seattle, Washington
Santiago Ramos Kirkland, Washington
Kathleen Reynolds Redmond, Washington
Dave & Margy Rockenbeck Redmond, Washington
Lee Rosenberg Seattle, Washington
J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. Port Townsend, Washington
Jason Rothkowitz Woodinville, Washington
Bob Rudolph Steilacoom, Washington
John Schmied Bothell, Washington
Nelson Schmitz Woodinville, Washington
David Seber Eugene, Oregon
Bob Seidensticker Sammamish, Washington
Linda Seltzer Redmond, Washington
Judith Shattuck Kirkland, Washington
William Shaw Manchester, Washington
Jeb Shepard Washington, DC
Adam Sherman Seattle, Washington
Sharon & Tom Sherrard Kirkland, Washington
Amnon Shoenfeld Seattle, Washington
Sarajane Siegfriedt Seattle, Washington
Arthur & Alice Siiegal Seattle, Washington
Martha Simpson
Sheryl Sirotnik Kirkland, Washington
Diane Slota Kirkland, Washington
Ronald Snell Kirkland, Washington
Judy Soferman Shoreline, Washington
Charles Spaeth Seattle, Washington
Nancy Hewitt Spaeth Mercer Island, Washington
Roberta Spiro Kirkland, Washington
Norm Stamper Eastsound, Washington
Emma Stock Washington, DC
John Stockman Redmond, Washington
Charmaine Stouder Kenmore, Washington
Jesse Stout San Francisco, California
DeMaris Strohm-Hughes Seattle, Washington
Vivian & Roland Strolis Kirkland, Washington
Justine Stromberg
Kimberly Taylor Woodinville, Washington
Jim Tharpe Seattle, Washington
Inge Theisen Kirkland, Washington
Margaret-Lee Thompson Redmond, Washington
Terry & Eric Thorsos Woodinville, Washington
Neal Traven
Kristy Trione Redmond, Washington
Dennis & Patricia Trovato Woodinville, Washington
Carol Van Noy Carnation, Washington
Tom Vance Sammamish, Washington
Melissa Waldie Woodinville, Washington
Jon & Wendy Wartes Woodinville, Washington
Louis Watanabe Seattle, Washington
Barbara Wentz Kirkland, Washington
Ian Weste Woodinville, Washington
Jack Whisner Seattle, Washington
Duane White Kirkland, Washington
Geraldine Williams Kirkland, Washington
Steve Zemke Seattle, Washington
Robert Zierman Seattle, Washington
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