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Thank You!

Thanks for your support! With campaign season behind us, it’s now time to get to work in the State Capitol. We have many serious challenges facing us, including support for our public schools and the need to strengthen our transportation system. I appreciate your confidence as we fight for our priorities and values in Olympia.



I believe I’ve lived up to my promise to rise above the partisan bickering to forge practical solutions with a common-sense approach. I’m not beholden to the party machine or the thundering herd of lobbyists in Olympia. I will continue to listen to YOU and I pledge to remain accessible and responsive to your needs and concerns.
It is difficult to describe the sense of responsibility that comes with serving in the Legislature. I truly appreciate what an honor it is to serve you. Please share your thoughts and comments with me and I’ll continue to be in touch.



Thanks again for your support!

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