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Dear Neighbor,

“Fall season is here with a little chill in the air and the leaves beginning to turn. Political season is also in full swing, and I’m out in the neighborhoods visiting the voters in my bid for another productive term in the State Legislature.

Roger Goodman

Listening to you is a critical part of my job.  You keep me updated on what’s going on in our area, and by gathering your input I can become more effective for you in Olympia.  I want to make sure I’m in tune with your values and your priorities so I can represent you well.  So watch out – I’ll be in your neighborhood soon!

While serving you at the Capitol I’ve been able to score some major legislative victories, including important measures to reduce deaths and injuries from domestic violence and drunk driving, saving literally hundreds of lives in the past few years.  As Chair of the House Public Safety Committee, I’m one of the few legislators with expertise in criminal law and the justice system, and I’ve worked hard to keep people safe in our homes, schools and public spaces.Election-Night-2014_131-(2)

The most recent legislative session was frustrated by partisan bickering, hampering support for our public schools and stalling critical investments in our mental health system, affordable housing and environmental protection. Each day I hear from people who are sick and tired of the same excuses from Olympia – and I’ve lost my patience, too.

Despite the partisanship I have been able to work effectively for common-sense solutions that matter to Eastside families.  I’ve legislated to crack down on domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as human trafficking.  I’ve continued my nationally-acclaimed work to reduce alcohol-related deaths on our roadways and passed new laws to protect foster kids.  I’ve found new efficiencies in government, helped our local cities and counties and protected small businesses and consumers.

Opportunities for Higher Education

Education is our top priority and it’s time to step up for our kids.  I’ve worked successfully to expand early childhood education, and now I’m focusing on the K-12 grades.  We urgently need to provide FULL funding for our public schools, but we have fallen short.  We now face a statewide teacher shortage and classroom shortage – we can wait no longer to hire and reward our dedicated teachers and to build new schools.

I’ve lived up to my promise to rise above partisanship to forge practical solutions with a common-sense approach.  I’m not beholden to the party machine or the thundering herd of lobbyists in Olympia.  I’m listening to you, and I speak with an independent voice, using my knowledge and experience to get things done.  I remain accessible and responsive to you, and I keep my focus on preserving and enhancing our high quality of life here on the Eastside.


It’s hard to describe in words the sense of responsibility that comes with serving in the Legislature.  I truly appreciate what an honor it is to serve you!  Please share your comments and concerns with me and I’ll continue to be in touch.

I hope to see you in your neighborhood soon, and I hope I can count on your vote this year.  Thanks very much for your support!

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